[fashion] ಌ polaris

047: moving

new layout, don't you guys think it's gorgeous?

don't lie to yourselves! it's not. it seems like whenever my paid account runs out i switch accounts. lols, how stupid is that? well, it's not just because my paid ran out, but also because eveninggowns just doesn't fit the kind of person i am now. it seems too glamorous for someone like me, whose pessimistic and down to earth and sarcastic 24/7.

livejournal - i am deeply sorry for neglecting you. this summer i vow to record down everything that happens, all of the going ons. which is why i'm creating a new account.

i'm not going to do that whole plugging thing again, so if I liked you on this livejournal I'll add you on my new one. But it gets around, so you'll see me floating around once more. It's time to go back to the start. I'm going to start writing actual entries (shocker!)

see you there. Or, maybe not ;)